Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Retired Cats
Wilma    retired living with Joyce in NH
Stormy    retired living with Brenda in NH
Rocky   living with Sharon in VT
Eileen    Living with Kim , David and Thor in NC
CH Maggie Lane Lily Patch
Blue Cream White Tabby
Championed in CFF
Photo by Cindy Pitts   retired living with Bea in NH
CH Maggie Lane Dorothy
Silver Patched Mackerel with White
Born:  02/11/2007
5th Best Cat UMCCA 2007-08
Championed CFA & CFF
Izzy  living with Diane in MA
Sherrye  Living with Meri and Dakota    
  Dakota loves Butter  Sherrye loves
bread....Bread and butter in RI..