Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

CH Dirigo Iris Princess of Maggie Lane
Brown Patch with White
Championed in CFF CFA and ACFA
Photo by Cindy Pitts
About the Maine Coon Breed
The Maine Coon breed is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America.  The name comes from the
state of Maine (Maine Coon is the official state cat of Maine) and because the cats had many
characteristics of a raccoon including the most common color which is the brown tabby.

Maine Coons are quite unique with their clown-like personalities with their very warm and affectionate
natures being known as the "Gentle Giants".   These cats have amusing habits such as playing with
their food or water, a willingness to "help" with any activity, and are easily groomed coats.

Maine Coons are quite unique, available in many colors and sizes.  Browns, Blues, Reds, Blacks,
Cameos and many other colors combinations are known to the Maine Coon breed.  The cats also have
unique ways of vocalizing such as trilling when happy or chattering when annoyed with something.

When you own a Maine Coon cat, you have a friend for life and a wonderful addition to any family.

Our Maine Coons
We are a small cattery located in New Durham, NH and produce only a few litters a year. Maggie Lane
Maine Coon kittens are raised "underfoot", given the love and attention needed to produce a well
adjusted kitten.  Our kittens are raised in our home with Newfoundland dogs.  Our kittens are sold
with a written sales contract (which includes an altering agreement), 2 series of vaccines and a
veterinary health certificate provided at time of sale.  All kittens are sold FeLV, FIV negative and
ringworm free.  Lastly, we test our adult cats for HCM.

If you are interested in a Maggie Lane Maine Coon kitten, please call 603-859-4738 or e-mail me at for availability.

Thank you.

Peggy Vivinetto
Owner and Breeder
Maggie Lane Cats